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Tips to improve your home's energy efficiency

There's no question that keeping your home's energy efficiency is high is hugely important for the environment, but it could also be hugely impactful on helping you save some money off your annual gas bill. 

With the global COVID-19 pandemic changing the landscape of most of our daily routines for the foreseeable future, there is a higher chance that most residents in the UK will be spending more and more time at home. With this in mind, Hampshire Technical have outlined some simple tips that you can do in your home to ensure that you are keeping on top of your energy efficiency, and saving money in the long term as you spend more time in your home this winter.

Get your boiler serviced ASAP

This time of year is incredibly busy for most heating engineers. That's why it is hugely important that you book in a boiler service if you have not done so already this year. With heating engineers' schedules filling up as the weather gets colder, we advise that you get ahead and book your boiler service today to avoid having to live at home with a broken boiler in the freezing cold, with no local heating engineer available for an emergency repair!

 At Hampshire Technical,  we can ensure that we are well-experienced and so are able to easily identify any faults and check all major components to make sure they're in good working order to prepare you for the winter months ahead. 

Consider upgrading your boiler to a newer model

If you have had your current boiler for more than 7 years, you should think about installing a new one, as newer boilers tend to be much more energy-efficient. According to the UK's Energy Saving Trust, a new energy-efficient boiler can make a huge difference to your saving, as 55% of your energy bills contribute towards heating your home. Newer models are installed with better technology with better components and faster combustion, making them better central heating systems for your home.

Install Smart Controls 

Smart controls will not only allow you to control your heating settings in your home, but you will be able to control your heating completely remotely. Smart thermostats and control meters are fitted with smartphone compatibility, allowing you to track your daily spending and energy consumption, while turning off your heating when you're not even at home!

Invest in good insulation

With the colder months approaching, it is highly important that you invest in some proper insulation in your home. Poorly insulated walls and roofs can result in a huge waste of energy, which would mean that your boiler would need to work even harder than it already is to keep all those in your house nice and warm.

With a proper investment into loft insulation and filling cavity walls, you will ensure that your home is protected against the cold. Uninsulated walls and roofs are a huge cause to loss of heat as well as 

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