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The best way to run power outside for your summer garden party!

As restrictions start to ease and safe garden parties are becoming a possibility, it's a great time to start preparing for your summer garden party. From speakers to lighting, a decent garden party requires safe outdoor power to really thrive. So what are the solutions to outdoor power? Hampshire Technical have put together the best and safest ways to get your power accessible outside.

Quick and easy outdoor power for your garden

Outdoor safe extension leads are a great way to get power outside easily. These extension cables designed for outdoor use, are able to safely provide power to outdoor electrical appliances. They are specifically designed to withstand outdoor weather including rain and the variation in temperature. When selecting your extension cable, make sure to check what the extension lead is designed to withstand and do not overload your lead. 

Safety when using outdoor extension cables:

 Select the correct length for your outdoor extension lead

By selecting a cable that is the length that you need, you can avoid long trails of cables and tightened cables that could potentially cause a trip hazard. 

 Plug your outdoor extension lead into a GFCI socket 

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) sockets are designed to protect you from electric shocks. The way to tell if your socket is a GFCI type is to check for a ‘test/reset’ button. 

 Ensure that your outdoor extension lead is designed for the correct amount of wattage for your requirements

Outdoor extension leads are not designed to be a permanent solution but work great for the occasional garden party. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, read on to find out more. 

Looking for a more permanent and safe solution to outdoor power

If you’re planning on making garden parties a regular event and would like a faster and safer way to power your outdoor party equipment, then an outdoor socket installation is a good solution. Not only will setting up your outdoor party be a breeze, you can also use your outdoor socket to power other useful devices such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers making the investment more than worth it. If you are looking for reliable electricians in Eastleigh and surrounding areas, take a look at our Electrical services page by selecting the button below. 

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