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Should I turn off my heating if I go on holiday?

Now that restrictions are starting to ease, many of us are planning our next getaway trip to put our busy and at times stressful lives on hold. Leaving your home safe and secure is important when going away for an extended period of time. But what should you do about your heating system? Leaving a heating system off during your trip away may cause you to worry that your pipes will freeze or burst whilst you are away.  

The best way to leave your heating system depends entirely on the time of year you are going away..

How to leave your heating system for the summer

Planning on going away soon? Leaving your heating system off during the summer months is a safe bet. Your pipes are at very low risk of freezing and bursting during this time. Along with this, you can save some extra money by keeping your boiler switched off for your holiday. 

How to leave your heating system for the summer

If you are planning a winter trip you will need to make sure that your pipes are not at risk of freezing due to inactivity. Leaving your heating system on at a low temperature will keep your heating pipes from freezing. It’s important to note that you will only need to keep your heating at a low temperature in order to prevent freezing. The recommended temperature to leave your heating system at is 16/17°c.  

How to keep your boiler safe when you are not at home

Leaving your heating on whilst you are away may bring up some safety concerns due to the risk of things going wrong whilst you are away. The good news is, things such as gas leaks, water leaks and breakdowns can be largely prevented by a regular boiler service. As long as your boiler has been checked over by a qualified heating engineer, you shouldn’t have any worries when it comes to keeping your heating on whilst you are on holiday. 

Need a heating engineer to check your boiler's health? 

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