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How to wire your Working From Home setup

The past year has seen a huge increase in the number of people working from home. However whilst some homes may have already had optimal wiring installed for monitors, laptops, and tablets others won't. So Hampshire Technical has outlined how to wire your Work from Home setup. If you're based in or around Eastleigh including in Southampton and Portsmouth and need an electrician to wire your home office get in touch with our friendly team on 02381550050.

How does wiring improve productivity?

By making your home infrastructure and hardware support maximum productivity you can ramp up your 'Work From Home productivity levels to the max through a few simple electrical wire management.


The first step is an easy fix and can be done right away, making sure your office has enough outlets, so you don’t need to use extension cords. Extension cables are a clear sign that you need a wiring improvement. They’re not really safe, they’re ugly, and completely unnecessary when you have the correct infrastructure in place. Our electricians based in Eastleigh can easily tackle a shortage of outlets, so contact us today to book a visit.

A further benefit of increasing the number of outlets is that at the same time you can add some USB outlets. Meaning that instead of clogging up the AC outlets when you’re charging USB devices, simply add USB outlets and maintain functionality. In the majority of situations, just changing out old AC outlets with USB outlets can actually double the number of useable outlets. 

A Dedicated Computer Circuit 

Another very easy improvement is adding a dedicated computer circuit for your office/computer equipment. As computers use technical components that make them more sensitive to any changes in the electrical signal, so a dedicated circuit is a much-needed safety feature. This circuit isolates your computer equipment from other devices, such as heaters and refrigerators that intermittently draw more power. Whatever happens elsewhere in the home’s electrical system is separate from your computers keeping them safe. 

A Surge Suppressor

Another upgrade is a surge suppressor, you’re probably familiar with the version that plugs into your wall outlet. This is similar but far better it is a whole-house surge suppressor that is installed near the electrical panel protecting the entire home from damaging surges.

Get a Wired Internet Connection for Better Speeds

Replacing wireless internet with a hard-wired internet connection can provide a more stable connection that’s better for high-bandwidth tasks like videoconferencing that are becoming ever more vital. If you find that your Wi-Fi is unreliable, a wired Ethernet connection can solve that problem. It’s also a benefit when if you have other members of your household competing for bandwidth.

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