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How to troubleshoot a faulty electrical outlet

If you are having issues with your electrical outlets your first instinct is likely to call in an electrician to diagnose your electrical problem. You wouldn’t be wrong to do this - when working with anything electrical, there is always a risk of both electric shock and electrical fires. There are some steps you can take to safely troubleshoot your electrical problem and get to the bottom of what is causing the electrical issue in your outlet. 

It’s always best to seek advice from a qualified electrician whenever you are experiencing electrical faults and problems. For details of Hampshire Technical’s electrical service covering Eastleigh, Southampton and Portsmouth, select the button below.

 Confirm that the electrical outlet is the problem

So you have found that your electrical product is not working properly? To determine that it is the outlet that is the problem and not your electrical equipment, it’s a good idea to try plugging your device into another outlet in your home that you know is working. If you know that it’s not the electrical product - you can be pretty sure that your outlet is at fault. 

 Determine if your fuse box has cut off your electrical outlet

Fuse board/ consumer units are designed to cut out electricity when a surge or anomaly is detected in your electrical circuitry throughout your home. This safety mechanism is designed to protect against electrical fires and electric shock from occurring. 

When a fuse board cuts off your electricity, it will turn off a whole section of the electricity in your home that could be the whole of the upstairs of your home or a room. If this is the case in your home, it means that an electrical fault has caused your electricity supply to cut out. Cut-offs can occur for a number of reasons such as a blown fuse, a damaged electrical appliance or a fault in your home's circuitry. 

 Use an electrical outlet tester

If you have access to an electrical outlet tester, you can use one of these to determine what the issue is and can detail the exact problem that you may be experiencing. This device can indicate a grounding issue or even if your outlet has been miswired. Once you’ve determined a deeper issue is present - it’s highly advisable to call in a professional electrician to carry out a repair on your electrical outlet.

Need an electrician to investigate your faulty electrical outlet?

Hampshire Technical are qualified electricians local to Eastleigh, Southampton and Portsmouth. We provide an expert electrical repair service designed to safely diagnose and repair electrical faults in your home including a faulty electrical outlet. To get in touch with Hampshire Technical call us on 02381550050 or 07875410863 or get in touch through our website’s contact form