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How to decide which thermostat is best for your home

So you’ve got your heart set on getting a smart thermostat for your home but are stuck on which one to choose? With the availability of smart thermostats skyrocketing in the last half a decade the choice can sometimes be an overwhelming one. Hampshire Technical are here to help you make the right choice when it comes to installing the right thermostat for your home. Read on to find out how to check if your HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is compatible with Google’s Nest thermostat.

What do you want from your smart thermostat?

The first task is to decide what features you want in your new smart thermostat so that you can choose a model that will work for you. Below are some of the features available in smart thermostats:

Multi-room control

As the name suggests, multiroom control means you’ll be able to control each of your rooms' temperatures separately. Perfect for those looking to save energy where it's not needed and for households with differing opinions when it comes to the perfect temperature!

Hot water control

If controlling the exact temperature of your hot water is an appeal, this may be a useful feature to add to the wish list. 


If smart home features interest you, then a smart thermostat with ‘geofencing’ capabilities is a solid choice. These smart thermostats can tell when you are home or away and adjust your HVAC setting accordingly. 

Holiday Mode

If you are a frequent traveller, a smart thermostat with a holiday mode is a great choice. Holiday mode helps you save money on your HVAC whilst you’re away and get your home to the perfect temperature for when you return home. 

Find a thermostat that is compatible with your boiler

Remember, not all smart thermostats will be compatible with your HVAC system. Before purchasing your new thermostat, ensure that it is compatible with your boiler make and model as well as other components in your HVAC system. By checking with the manufacturer’s website and product details, you can find if your chosen model will work on your home. For Nest thermostats, Google's helpful compatibility checker can help you ensure your Nest thermostat works in your home. 


Choosing the right thermostat for your home is not only about making sure your selected smart thermostat has the feature that you require, but also about compatibility with your HVAC system. Choosing a knowledgeable smart thermostat installer can help you through the process of selecting the right thermostat for your home. 

Hampshire Technical provide smart thermostat installation throughout Hampshire, Eastleigh, Portsmouth and Southampton and can help you. If you are interested in smart thermostat installation in these areas, give us a call on 02381550050. To send us a message please visit our websites contact page or email us at