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FAQs on Boiler Servicing

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is the best way to ensure that it is operating in the best way that it possibly can be. At Hampshire Technical, our specialist heating engineers are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to boiler servicing. Our professionals carry out boiler servicing across all areas in Hampshire, such as Eastleigh, Portsmouth and Southampton, and have written this blog to answer some frequently asked questions about boiler servicing. 

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

Our professional advice is that you should aim to get your boiler serviced at least once a year. If you wait too long and leave your boiler without getting serviced for longer than one year, then you could risk losing your warranty - or even worse - risk seriously damaging your boiler and having to pay expensive repair costs or even replacement costs. A boiler service is simple to arrange, quick and convenient to carry out and provides you with reassurance that everything is working as it should be. Just give our gas engineers a call on 02381550050 to book a boiler service with us today.

Why is it so important to get my boiler serviced at least once a year?

Regular servicing is by far the best thing you can do to protect your boiler and ensure that it is running at the most efficient level. We have outlined why getting your boiler serviced regularly is so important in our previous blog post, so if you would like to take a full look at why boiler servicing is essential, then we recommend that you take a look.

What are the key benefits of regularly servicing my boiler?

  • Allows your boiler to work more efficiently and reduces the risk of expensive repair costs
  • Saves you money on your energy or gas bills
  • If you get your boiler serviced regularly, engineers can spot any emerging problems and deal with them before they cause an expensive breakdown that could end up costing you thousands
  • As a boiler service involves clearing away dust and debris from the inside of your boiler, it is likely to give your boiler a significant boost in performance and will allow it to operate at a more efficient level than it did before

What does a boiler service actually include?

At Hampshire Technical, our boiler services are carried out by a fully qualified Gas Safe registered engineer, and shouldn’t be attempted by an engineer that does not have this accreditation. 

We will first visit your property with the correct PPE adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and begin a full inspection and clean all the main components of your boiler so as to remove any dust or debris that has collected. This will enable the boiler to operate at a more efficient level and save you money on your gas bill as you are using less energy for the same output. 

Our engineers will then provide you with a full diagnosis of any major problems or faults if there are any, but if the boiler seems to be working as it should, the engineer will check the flue and remove any products of combustion that may have accumulated over time just to ensure that when they leave, the boiler will be functioning at hit's most efficient level. 

The boiler's pressure level is the final thing that our heating engineer will check before he cleans the area and leaves the premises. 

How much time does a boiler service take to carry out?

At Hampshire Technical, a boiler service that's completed by one of our experienced engineers can take as little as 30 mins providing there are no major issues with your boiler. However, if we have spotted some concerning faults that may need some serious time and effort to fix, the boiler service can take considerably longer.

Contact us for boiler servicing throughout Hampshire

If you’re considering arranging a boiler service and live in Hampshire, in areas such as Eastleigh, Southampton, or Portsmouth, and you are interested in booking in a boiler service today, then please get in touch with our experienced, gas safe registered heating engineers by calling us on 02381550050. You can even fill out our contact form on our website if you would like to send us a message.